Moving to a smaller home, assisted living or out-of-state is a process that has many pieces which can seem overwhelming.  The checklist for moving has many tasks that often times get forgotten or overlooked.  

Our move managers are here to streamline the seemingly endless checklist from small to-dos like setting up the cable company visit to changing your address with the post office.  

Our expert managers will make sure that the process is organized and a detailed plan is in place to support you with this significant project.

Our move management process consists of the following key steps:

Planning Stage


 We believe that moving is just like life!  We are most successful when we have a well thought out plan. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated move manager who is there from the beginning to the end of your move. We work hand-in-hand with each client and guide each step in the process.  Moving isn't just about packing up "stuff" and putting it in a truck, it's a process that must be planned.  

Room Layout


 Our room planning is a calculated process using software that allows us to lay out a room, taking into account the size of the room, what items need to be moved and their sizes, and how they flow in the new space.  We strive to achieve a balanced room that makes you comfortable yet takes into consideration your individual needs. 

Organize, Sell & Clear Out


 Our project management experts will: organize the items you are taking to your new location; clear out unneeded items;  and prepare items for consignment, donation or to be given to family and friends. Dates are coordinated and all items are tagged to make sure they are handled accordingly.  This organizational process makes the next step of packing much easier to manage. 



 Packing is quick and efficient once your items are organized and pre-selected for your move.  Our packers are diligent, careful and meticulous when it comes to wrapping, boxing and securing your items for move day. 

Move Day


 Items being transported are carefully loaded and moved to your new location by expert movers.  Our project management team will ensure that items needed immediately such as medications, paperwork and important electronics are handled with the importance they deserve. 

Unpack & Put Away


 We make certain that your items are carefully unpacked and put away just as you expect.  Our organizers who have been assisting you throughout the process know how you like your linens organized, where you want your utensils, and how you would like your closet set up. We work with handymen, landscapers, and a vast array of service providers to make sure that your new home is the happy space you hoped it would be. 

 We generally work with clients in Castle Rock, Centennial, Denver, Highlands Ranch, and Littleton, but can help clients across the Denver Metro Area.  

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