Whether your goal is to move into a smaller space or you're working toward minimizing your possessions, our team will work with you to ensure you surround yourself with things that enhance your life and efficiently utilize the space around you.

Our space planning services give us the ability to create and design customized spaces that incorporate your past life, present circumstances and your future needs. We are constantly assessing safety and functionality in our designs.


We generally work with clients in Castle Rock, Centennial, Denver, Highlands Ranch, and Littleton, but can help clients across the Denver Metro Area. 

Our Simple Downsizing Process

Create Your Plan


 We’ll meet with you to create a project plan that addresses your goals and needs. 

Build Your Timeline


 We’ll set out to build a timeline that is respectful and reasonable to keep your project moving forward. 

Leave The Rest to Us!


 Sit back and relax as we guide you through the downsizing process to find the perfect place for all your belongings. 

Find Out How We Can Help With Your Project!

We’ll meet with you to fully understand your unique situation and what you want to accomplish. 

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